Hello. I’m Albert, a Catalan software developer with more than 10 years of experience in object-oriented programming, mainly using .NET and iOS related technologies.

I started a business career upon graduating with a Business Science degree. However, after some professional experience, I became interested in software development, specifically business-related applications. So I started working on that and on June 2012 I also graduated with a degree in Computer Science in Barcelona.

I love Apple devices and software development in general and have solid skills on database design, object-oriented programming and projects management.

There are three main sections in this site:

  • blog is a collection of all my programming notes. I write them just for me, for my records, but they may eventually be helpful for someone else.
  • apps shows the iOS applications I have been working on. It is a good place to see what I have done in case you are checking my professional skills and experience.
  • articles is where I put together all non-technical articles I write. It usually is technology-related stuff, yes, but certainly not technical. No source code or anything like that. Oh, and all the content in this section is in Catalan.

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